Meridian Dental Associates are a general and family dental practice located in the San Jose, CA area. Please feel free to read more about our dentists and staff.

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1241 Meridian Ave.,
San Jose, CA 95125
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We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves to you and your family. We are family dentists and specialists, conveniently located on Meridian Avenue in San Jose.

If you are like most dental patients, your anxiety over visiting the dentist’s office is only compounded by the additional concern of being treated by an unfamiliar dentist. And what about the dentist’s staff? Will they take the necessary time to help you feel at ease? In our office, we make sure you are comfortable before we begin even the simplest procedure.

We take great pleasure in greeting new patients personally, and spending with them all the time they require for a thorough dental assessment and to answer all of their questions. Our practice includes children, young adults and senior citizens. The Meridian Dental team diagnoses and treats all dental problems, including straightening teeth without braces using the incredible INVISALIGN System and whitening with DISCUS DENTAL professional tooth whitening products.

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